Appendix 1.

ICD-9-CM1 and ICD-10-CM2 Mental and Behavioral Health Codes

Major depressionICD-9-CM codes: 296.2X, 296.3X, 300.4, 311
ICD-10-CM codes: F32.XX (excluding F32.81 and F32.89), F33.XX
Suicide attemptICD-9-CM codes: E950.X, E951.X, E952.X, E953.X, E954, E955.X, E956, E957.X
ICD-10-CM codes: T14.91, T36.XX2, T37.XX2, T38.XX2, T39.XX2, T40.XX2, T41.XX2, T42.XX2, T43.XX2, T44.XX2, T45.XX, T46.XX2, T47.XX2, T48.XX2, T49.XX2, T50.XX2, T51.XX2, T52.XX2, T53.XX2, T54.XX2, T55.XX2, T56.XX2, T57.XX2, T58.XX2, T59.XX2, T60.XX2, T61.XX2, T62.XX2, T63.XX2, T64.XX2, T65.XX2, T71.1 × 2, T71.2 × 2
Bipolar disorderICD-9-CM codes: 296.0X, 296.1X, 296.4X, 296.5X, 296.6X, 296.7, 296.80, 296.81, 296.89, 301.13
ICD-10-CM codes: F30.X, F31.X, F34.0
Nonaffective psychosisICD-9-CM codes: 293.81, 293.82, 293.89, 295.XX, 297.X, 298.X, 301.22
ICD-10-CM codes: F06.0, F06.1, F20.XX, F21, F22, F23, F24, F25.X, F28, F29, F53
DementiaICD-9-CM codes: 290.XX, 294.1X, 294.8
ICD-10-CM codes: F01.XX, F01.XX, F03.XX
Intellectual disabilitiesICD-9-CM codes: 317, 318, 319
ICD-10-CM codes: F70, F71, F72, F73, F78, F79
AutismICD-9-CM code: 299.XX
ICD-10-CM code: F84.0
Tourette's disorderICD-9-CM code: 307.23
ICD-10-CM code: F95.2
Stereotyped movement disordersICD-9-CM code: 307.3
ICD-10-CM code: F98.4
Borderline intellectual functioningICD-10-CM code: R41.83
  • ICD-9-CM, International Classification of Diseases, Ninth Revision, Clinical Modification1; ICD-10-CM, International Classification of Diseases, Tenth Revision, Clinical Modification.2