Appendix 8.

Comparison of Primary Problems and Diagnoses between Analytic Sample and Those Who Did Not Report Depression as a Problem

Analytic Sample (n = 2610)No Self-Reported Depression (n = 471)
Primary presenting problems
    Anxiety disorder49.69(0.98)22.17(1.89)
    Substance use disorder4.81(0.42)2.42(0.70)
    Other emotional problems11.38(0.62)10.45(1.39)
Primary EMR diagnosis
    Anxiety disorder8.79(0.55)9.70(1.35)
    Adjustment disorder2.71(0.32)1.97(0.63)
    Other reactions to stress1.96(0.27)0.64(0.36)
    Substance use disorder1.97(0.27)4.70(0.96)
    Other mental disorders2.12(0.28)3.51(0.84)
  • EMR, electronic medical record; PTSD, post-traumatic stress disorder; S.E., standard error.