Appendix 5.

Factor Analysis (n = 2,169)

Seven-Factor Solution
I. Depression severity
    So sad nothing could cheer up0.62-0.17-0.07-
    Not feeling much better when good things happen0.54-0.14-0.15-0.10-0.020.18-0.10
    Emotionally numb, empty, unable to feel0.50-0.08-0.19-0.07-0.050.24-0.05
    Excessively guilty or self-blaming0.40-0.270.09-
    Extremely irritable0.740.04-0.120.05-0.10-0.090.19
    Worried and anxious0.75-
    Difficulty concentrating because of worry0.68-
    Keyed up or tense0.800.
    Unusually restless0.780.12-0.010.09-0.02-0.070.13
    Might lose control0.54-
    Fearing something awful0.50-
II. Positive mental health
    Less worthwhile than other people0.39-0.450.07-
    Coped well with normal stresses-0.070.51-0.02-
    Able to bounce back from stressful situations-0.050.54-0.02-
    Can keep from feeling depressed-0.130.590.05-
    Satisfied with life0.050.830.050.090.05-0.060.03
    Felt life was fulfilling0.090.840.070.120.05-0.050.01
    Engaged with life rather than hiding from it0.070.720.10-0.070.07-0.06-0.02
    Felt mentally healthy-0.170.540.01-
    Felt in control of emotions-0.170.57-0.05-
    Had a general sense of well-being-0.080.740.00-
    Had a positive outlook on life0.030.850.
    Had the desire to do things0.000.550.22-
    Felt confident-0.040.690.02-
    Great faith in the future0.100.840.080.090.08-0.030.07
    Expect to succeed0.090.810.03-
    Future seemed dark0.09-0.580.03-
    Felt you don't get the breaks0.04-0.580.03-
    Equally worthwhile/deserving as other people-0.010.49-0.03-0.00-0.15-0.04-0.02
    Ask “What could I have done to deserve this?”0.01-0.410.06-0.030.36-0.010.28
III. Anhedonia: unable to experience pleasure when…
    having favorite food or drinks-
    spending leisure time with friends-
    doing favorite hobbies or pastimes-
    spending quality time with close loved ones0.010.100.770.03-0.07-0.02-0.01
    having big success at work, school, or in finances0.060.060.72-0.08-0.04-0.03-0.02
IV. Cognitive difficulties
    Problems with concentration/decision-making0.15-
    Feeling slowed down0.
    Low energy level0.10-0.02-0.050.490.050.07-0.09
    Mind as sharp as usual-
    Memory much worse than usual0.
    Thinking as fast as usual0.140.100.16-0.660.01-0.030.03
    Not able to keep track of activities0.
V. Rumination
    Analyze recent events to understand why depressed0.020.15-0.05-0.020.80-0.02-0.13
    Think about why depressed0.060.06-0.12-0.040.690.07-0.06
    Write down your thoughts and analyze them-0.010.27-
    Analyze personality to understand why depressed-0.040.19-0.10-0.030.830.01-0.14
    Ask “Why do I always react this way?”0.00-
VI. Dissociation
    Feeling not real or cut off from the world0.09-0.17-
    Feeling outside of body, watching yourself-0.01-
    Feeling like surroundings detached or unreal0.
    Feeling surroundings dreamlike, distant, or distorted-
VII. Mixed episodes
    Much better mood, happier, excitable than usual-
    Extremely self-confident or optimistic, could do anything-0.010.32-0.07-0.11-
    Mood changed rapidly: very happy, very sad, very angry0.29-0.02-0.070.00-
    More talkative than usual0.
    Thoughts raced through mind so fast hardly kept track0.300.04-
    Much more engaged, busy, productive than usual0.100.21-0.06-0.13-0.02-0.010.66
  • Principal axis factor analysis. The parallel analysis simulation method was used to determine the number of factors to extract.29 Promax rotation was used to improve interpretability.