Table 1.

Definitions of Intimate Partner Violence Screening Implementation Strategies Used

Implementation StrategiesDefinitions
Access new fundingAccess new or existing money to facilitate IPV screening implementation
Audit and provide feedback, with relay of clinical data to providersCollect and summarize clinical performance data over a specified time period about key measures of process/outcomes, then give it to clinicians and administrators to modify provider behavior and promote use of IPV screening practices
Change record systems to remind cliniciansChange record systems to allow better assessment of implementation or clinical outcomes (eg, clinical reminder, note templates) and to prompt clinicians to use the IPV screening clinical innovation
Conduct IPV educational meetings and educational outreach visitsHold meetings led by a trained person and targeted toward different stakeholder groups (eg, providers, administrators, other organizational stakeholders, and community, patient/consumer, and family stakeholders) to teach them about IPV and IPV screening
Conduct ongoing IPV trainingsPlan for and conduct IPV trainings in an ongoing way
Create a learning collaborative through advisory boards or workgroupsFacilitate the formation of groups of providers and other kinds of stakeholders' groups that foster a collaborative learning environment, to provide input and advice on implementation efforts and improve IPV screening implementation
Develop and distribute IPV educational materialsDevelop and format IPV guidelines, manuals, toolkits, and other supporting materials in ways that make it easier for stakeholders to learn about IPV, then distribute these materials in person, by mail, and/or electronically to enable staff and clinicians to learn how to deliver IPV screening
Identify and prepare championsIdentify and prepare individuals who dedicate themselves to supporting, marketing, and driving through IPV screening implementation, overcoming indifference or resistance that the intervention may provoke within the medical center
  • IPV, intimate partner violence.

  • Adapted from Powell et al.31