Table 3.

Implementation Strategies Across Sites by Intimate Partner Violence Screening Adoption Status

Implementation StrategiesAll Sites (n = 11)Variation by IPV Screening Adoption Status
Early Adopting Sites (n = 6)Late-Adopting Sites (n = 5)
Conduct ongoing IPV trainings8 sites6 sites2 sites
Conduct educational meetings and outreach visits*6 sites4 sites2 sites
Develop and distribute IPV educational materials*8 sites4 sites4 sites
Identify and prepare champions6 sites6 sitesNone
Change record systems to remind clinicians*5 sites5 sitesNone
Create a learning collaborative through advisory board or workgroups5 sites5 sitesNone
Audit and provide feedback, with relay of clinical data to providers4 sites4 sitesNone
Access new funding3 sites3 sitesNone
  • IPV, intimate partner violence.

  • * Some late-adopting sites were not included because they mentioned these implementation strategies as plans but not actual actions yet.

  • Mean implementation strategies used per site:

  • Across all sites, 5.62 implementation strategies.

  • For early adopting sites, 4.25 implementation strategies.

  • For late-adopting sites, 2.67 implementation strategies.