Table 1.

Demographics and Clinical Features of Patients Who Underwent Sublingual Buprenorphine Microdose Induction from November 2019 to April 2020

PatientAge (y)GenderFull Agonist Opioid at Time of InductionMEDD (mg)Substance Use Disorder (by DSM-V)Psychological/Medical ComorbidityPain GeneratorsMaintenance SL Buprenorphine Dosage at 30 days
153FemaleFentanyl 100 μg240NoneRheumatoid arthritis; paroxysmal atrial fibrillation, major depressive disorderRheumatoid arthritis4 mg – 8 mg – 8 mg
267MaleHydrocodone/acetaminophen 10–325 mg 8 per day80NoneNoneShoulder, knee, cervical, lumbar osteoarthritisNot applicable; unable to tolerate buprenorphine 2 mg due to oversedation; back on full agonist at previous dose
369MaleOxycodone 30 mg 5 times per day225Benzodiazepine use disorder, mildMajor depressive disorder, hypogonadism, paroxysmal atrial fibrillationFailed back surgery syndrome8 mg 3 times daily and continues on oxycodone 15 mg 3 times daily on slow taper
462FemaleOxycodone 10 mg 5 times per day75Alcohol use disorder, moderateBipolar 2 disorderChronic pancreatitis, chronic abdominal painNot applicable; unable to tolerate buprenorphine due to nausea; switched back to full agonist, slowly tapering
563FemaleMethadone 10 mg twice daily; hydromorphone 2 mg 4 times daily92Opioid use disorder, mildMajor depressive disorder, adrenal insufficiency, benzodiazepine dependenceFibromyalgia, knee osteoarthritis4 mg 4 times daily
667MaleHydromorphone 4 mg 5 times daily; morphine extended release 15 mg daily95Opioid use disorder, mildParkinson’s disease, severe odynophagiaMultiple orthopedic surgeries, Parkinson’s disease8 mg 3 times daily
770FemaleMorphine extended release 30 mg twice daily; morphine immediate release 15 mg 3 times daily105NoneMajor depressive disorderNeuropathy, fibromyalgia, knee osteoarthritis8 mg 3 times daily
853MaleOxycodone 10 mg 7 times daily105NoneIschemic heart failure, uncontrolled type 2 diabetes mellitusChronic leg wounds, lumbar spine osteoarthritis8 mg twice daily
  • DSM-5, Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, fifth edition; MEDD, morphine equivalent daily dose.