Table 2.

Stress Factors of Medical Providers Compared to Registered Nurses

CategoryAll Responses(n = 402) N (%)Medical Providers (n = 184)N (%)Registered Nurses(n = 218)N (%)P Value
My job is putting me at great risk.284 (70.6%)138 (75.0%)146 (67.0%).08
I feel extra stress at work.318 (79.1%)142 (77.2%)176 (80.7%).38
I am afraid of falling ill with COVID-19.290 (72.1%)132 (71.7%)158 (72.5%).87
I have little control over whether I get infected or not.227 (56.5%)109 (59.2%)118 (54.2%).30
I am unlikely to survive if I were to get COVID-19.35 (8.7%)6 (3.3%)29 (13.3%)<.001
I think about resigning because of COVID-19.58 (14.4%)11 (6.0%)47 (21.6 %)<.001
I am afraid I will pass COVID-19 on to others.342 (95.1%)164 (89.1%)178 (81.6%).04
My family and friends are worried they might get infected through me.264 (65.7%)117 (63.6%)147 (67.4%).51
People avoid my family because of my work.134 (33.3%)46 (25.0%)88 (40.4%).001
Altruism: Because I want to help the COVID-19 patients, I am willing to accept the risks involved.267 (63.4%)147 (79.9%)120 (55.0%)<.001
  • Survey responses were dichotomized to include “agreed” or “strongly agreed” as positive responses. This table shows the frequency of positive responses for each category while also comparing the differences in responses between medical providers and nurses.