Table 1.

Theoretical Explanation of Individual Motivation for Seeking a Test Based on the Health Belief Model8

ConstructsDefinitionApplication to testing motivation
Perceived SusceptibilityBelief about the likelihood of getting a disease or conditionPerception of COVID-19 being an issue in the individual’s geographic area
Perceived severityBelief about the seriousness of contracting a condition or of leaving it untreated, including physical consequences and social consequencesPerception the individual is at risk for COVID-19 given age and other demographics
Perceived benefitsBeliefs about positive features or advantages of a recommended action to reduce threatPerception that a test provides beneficial information or is a “treatment” unto itself
Perceived barriersBeliefs about negative features or of a recommended action to reduce threatPerception that test is not useful or painful to get
Cue to actionInternal or external markers stimulusMedia coverage of testing; knowing others who have been tested; getting sick
Self-efficacyThe conviction that one can successfully execute a behaviorAbility to go and get a test