Table 1.

COVID-19 Event and Response Timeline

March 5, 2020First case of COVID-19 in Colorado
March 12, 2020Need for new backup call system identified for both residents and facultyWe needed backup providers for:
  • Faculty and residents who needed to minimize risk of COVID-19 exposure

  • Faculty and residents who may contract the illness either from the community or work exposure

March 13, 2020First UCH inpatient diagnosed with COVID-19
  • Developed a contingency plan for our maternity care service

  • Developed a contingency plan to take more adult inpatients

  • Ensured PUIs would not be on our maternity care service

  • Contacted both the obstetrics-gynecology and newborn nursery directors regarding the care of our moms/babies in the event of a surge of adult patients

  • Contacted the clinical director of hospital medicine regarding our ability to admit more adult inpatients if needed

Enhanced resident backup call schedule finalized
March 17, 2020Faculty backup call schedule finalized12 of our inpatient providers that had no contraindication to COVID-19 patient care/exposure divided up shifts and days so that all but 1 provider had >2 weeks off between stints and there were 2 backup providers on any given day in the event of a provider getting ill
March 19 to 22, 2020Department of family medicine sends surveys to all providers regarding clinical experience and skillsA survey regarding clinical skills (most recent inpatient, ICU, obstetric experience) and availability to work in the hospital in the event of a surge to inform planning for emergency reassignment of providers
March 26, 2020Formal surge planning team created within the family medicine residency programA team of faculty and residents create a schedule to increase the capacity of our inpatient service using residents who are likely to be displaced from other rotations
March 30, 2020Phase 2 resident reassignment schedule finalizedA schedule reassigning displaced residents into the UCH FM hospital schedule to increase capacity and create learning experiences was generated
April 6, 2020
  • Resident reassignment schedule implemented

  • OB and pediatrics assume care of FM maternity care service

  • FM capacity increased from 12 to 24 patients

April 10, 2020FM A becomes a dedicated COVID-19 team
  • UCH, University of Colorado Hospital; PUI, person under investigation; OB, obstetrics; FM, family medicine.