Table 2.

Characteristics of Practice and Geographic Areas Served by Family Physicians Providing Care to Children (n=11,674): American Board of Family Medicine Certification Examination Practice Demographic Questionnaire Data (2017-2018)

CharacteristicsPractice & Geographic CharacteristicsCare of Children
18YearsUnder 5Years5 to 18years
Census region
 South379932.5305280.3< .001220258.0< .001304780.2< .001
Practice size
 Solo142112.2115481.2< .00179055.6< .001115281.1< .001
Practice organization*
 Independently owned391033.5347388.8< .001271069.3< .001347188.8< .001
 Health Maintenance Organization6785.848471.432848.448371.2
Rurality of location
 Rural196316.8177990.6< .001161282.1< .001177790.5< .001
Language of care delivery
 Other Language366231.4306883.8241966.1305983.5
Poverty status
 Percent population earning < 200% of federal poverty Level (top quintile)225219.3188683.7.690152367.6.795188183.5.773
Percent census tract population < 18 years
 Tertile I (0.01-22.3)387119.480.8< .00162.5< .00180.6< .001
 Tertile II (22.3-25.1)389023.784.570.284.4
 Tertile III (25.1-42.0)391327.885.069.784.9
Pediatricians per 3000 children
 Quintile IA (0)129882.2< .00177.3< .00182.1< .001
 Quintile IB (0.09-0.73)146774.664.374.4
 Quintile II (0.73-1.38)276773.460.273.3
 Quintile III (1.38-2.07)276370.756.370.6
 Quintile IV (2.07-3.32)276770.654.170.4
 Quintile V (3.33 to 59.8)276365.548.165.3
Year of recertification
  • * Practice organizations were collapsed into 6 categories from 11 responses on the survey. The “independently owned” category included respondents selecting “independently owned medical practice.” The “safety-net” category included federally qualified health centers or look-alikes; rural health clinics (federally qualified); Indian Health Service; and governmental non-federal clinics such as the state, county, city, maternal and child health and public health centers. The “managed care/HMO, health maintenance organization” category included managed care or HMO-owned clinics. The “academic” category included academic medical centers and faculty practices. The “hospital ER/OP, emergency room or outpatient facility” included all hospital or health system-owned medical practices, which excludes managed care or HMOs. The “other” category included federal (military, Veterans Administration/Department of Defense), workplace clinics, and other practice types not listed.