Appendix Table 2.

APEX COPD Steering Committee Members and Delphi Panel

David B. Price, FRCGPResearch, primary careUK/Singapore
Barbara P. Yawn, MD, MSc, MSPH, FAAFPResearch, primary careUSA
Janwillem W.H. Kocks, MD, PhDResearch, primary careNetherlands
Wilson D. Pace, MDResearch, primary careUSA
Ku-Lang Chang, MD, FAAFP, MROPrimary careUSA
Chester Fox, MD, FAAFPPrimary careUSA
Barry Make, MDSpecialistUSA
Alan Kaplan, MD, CCFP(EM), FCFPPrimary care, specialistCanada
Neil Skolnik, MDPrimary careUSA
MeiLan K. Han, MD, MScSpecialistUSA
Alvaro Aranda, MDSpecialistPuerto Rico
Gokul Gopalan, MD, MPHResearchUSA
Asif Shaikh, MD, MPHResearchUSA
Cathy D. Mahle, PhD, MBAResearchUSA
  • APEX, Advancing the Patient Experience; COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.