Table 1.

Demographic Characteristics

CharacteristicsPrediabetes AwarePrediabetes UnawareP Value
(n = 410)(n = 389)
nM (SD) or %nM (SD) or %
Age (years)41053.8 (15.3)38949.6 (15.5).749
 Male17642.9%21755.8%< .001
 Other Hispanic6014.6%5915.2%
 Non-Hispanic White13332.4%11629.8%
 Non-Hispanic Black8220.0%9223.7%
 Other race7518.3%4912.6%
Education level
 < 9th grade4210.3%5012.9%.003
 9th to 11th grade368.9%5614.4%
 High school graduate/GED8320.4%9424.2%
 Some college or AA12330.3%11228.8%
 College graduate or above12230.0%7719.8%
Routine place for care? (Yes)36689.3%29976.9%< .001
Health insurance coverage? (Yes)36789.5%29074.6%< .001
BMI40831.3 (7.3)38930.0 (6.9).198
A1c4105.71 (0.36)3895.73 (0.05).279
# Healthcare visits in past year4102.86 (1.99)3882.03 (1.8)< .001
Had blood test for diabetes within past 3 years? (Yes)32980.2%19149.1%< .001
  • BMI, Body Mass Index; GED, General Educational Development; SD, standard deviation; AA, Associate of Arts.