Table 2.

Barriers to Providing Comprehensive EPL Care Among New York FQHCs

Reasons Why Care Was Not Provided*Expectant Management (n = 7)Medication Management (n = 29)Uterine Aspiration (n = 48)
Lack of clinical infrastructure to support care71.4%62.1%66.7%
Medication not stocked/no suppliesN/A65.5%60.4%
No ultrasound access71.4%62.1%45.8%
Automatically refer out for this care62.1%48.3%58.3%
No clinician trained in EPL care option28.6%55.2%47.9%
No trained ultrasound clinician28.6%44.8%37.5%
Malpractice insurance does not cover28.6%3.4%8.3%
Too similar to abortion careN/A3.4%6.3%
Patient population does not present with EPL needs28.6%0%0%
  • EPL, early pregnancy loss; FQHC, Federally-Qualified Health Center.

  • * All barriers shown include prespecified options respondents could select from a list.