Table 4.

Binary Logistic Regression between Independent Variables and Low-Dose Aspirin Used (n = 683)

Independent VariablesLow-Aspirin Used Vs No UsedSig.
OR95% CI
Gender 0.93-1.890.121
Age, years  
 55 to 64 (young–old)0.730.41-1.330.306
 65 to 74 (mid-old)0.990.69-1.430.972
 ≥ 75 (old-old)1  
Living alone   
 No high school diploma1.020.66-1.550.956
 High school diploma0.960.66-1.390.946
 Some college1 0.815
 Current smoker0.690.42-1.120.266
 Past smoker0.790.53-1.170.137
 Never smoked1 0.24
Continuity of Care (scale: 0 – 3)0.860.66-1.110.239
Financial Stress (scale: 1 to 5)0.9470.80-1.130.063
Heart conditions   
Diabetes Mellitus   
GI conditions   
Potentially major aspirin-drug interaction   
  • GI, gastrointestinal; OR, odds ratio; CI, confidence interval; Sig, Sigma.

  • Note: −2 Log Likelihood: 857; Sig: 0.0001; Nagelkerke: 0.080.