Table 1.

Adult Diabetic Patient Characteristics for the Overall Sample and Compared between Small and Large Community Health Center (CHC) Sites, 2011-2012

VariablePercentage of Population, Mean (Standard Error)OverallSmall CHC SiteLarge CHC SiteP-Value
Age (years old).36
 26 to 353.0%2.1%3.5%
 36 to 4510.1%11.8%9.1%
 46 to 5523.8%22.9%24.3%
 56 to 6535.5%36.4%34.9%
 66 to 7519.3%19.4%19.3%
Race/ethnicity/language< .01*
 Chinese-speaking Asian40.3%30.4%46.3%
 English-speaking Asian8.5%9.3%7.9%
 English-speaking Latino12.5%13.8%11.6%
 Spanish-speaking Latino29.4%38.8%23.6%
 English-speaking other9.5%7.6%10.6%
Insurance source.20
 Total comorbidities2.9 (1.9)3.0 (1.9)2.9 (1.9).56
How long usual clinic.18
 < 3 years32.5%32.4%32.5%
 3 to 5 years28.7%31.4%27.0%
 5+ years38.9%36.2%40.5%
  • This comparison of means analyses utilizes χ2 tests for categorical variables and t-test for continuous variables to compare patient characteristics in small versus large community health center sites.

  • *P-values represent the significance of differences in individual characteristics between small versus large sites.