Table 1.

Characteristics of Survey Respondents

Total respondents255100
Gender (n = 255 answering)
 Other gender categories*31
Nationality (n = 237 answering)
 United States of America11247
 United Kingdom135
 Europe (other)125
 South America115
 Oceania (other)52
 Not answered18
Primary profession (multiple options possible, n = 254 answering)
 Public Health187
 Nursing and nursing practice94
 Other (eg, pharmacy, administration, dietitian, behavioral science)3413
Types of physicians (total physicians = 169; N = 168 answering)
 Family medicine/general practice15492
 Internal medicine (including subspecialties)64
Other (eg, obstetrics/gynecology, pediatrics, sports medicine)85
 Not answered1
Level of research experience (n = 252 answering)
 Not answered3
Highest research degree obtained (n = 247 answering)
 Bachelor’s degree104
 Master’s degree5221
 Doctoral degree (eg, PhD, MD)15964
 Not answered8
Years since completion of professional training (n = 245 answering)
 0 to 95722
 10 to 195220
 20 to 295321
 30 to 395622
 40 to 49239
 50 to 5942
 Not answered104
Roles played in PC research (more than one option possible, n = 255)
 Journal reviewer13051
 Community member/patient208
 Other (eg, mentor, administrator)125
  • PC, primary care.

  • Online survey October 2018 to 2019.

  • * Other gender category includes non-binary/third gender, prefer to self identify, and prefer not to answer.