Table 1.

Attributes of FQHCs in New York State that Provide Prenatal Care (n = 63)

CharacteristicN (%)
Site type
 Primary care58 (92.1)
 Reproductive health or OB/GYN*4 (6.3)
 Multi-specialty health center*1 (1.6)
Urbanicity (n = 61)
 Urban47 (77.0)
 Suburban6 (9.8)
 Rural8 (13.1)
Types of clinicians that provide prenatal care at each site (n = 62)
 Advanced-practice clinician (nurse practitioner, physician assistant, midwife)49 (79.0)
 Family physicians44 (71.0)
 OB/GYN36 (58.1)
EPL care provision
 Expectant management56 (88.9)
 Medication management34 (53.9)
 Uterine aspiration15 (23.8)
 None7 (11.1)
Site sees patients who present with suspected EPL55 (87.3)
Site has regular access to ultrasound30 (47.6)
  • EPL, early pregnancy loss; FQHC, Federally-Qualified Health Center; OB/Gyn, Obstetrics and Gynecology.

  • * These sites selected “other site type, please specify” on the survey and self-identified. The research team categorized responses accordingly.

  • These categories are not mutually exclusive. Respondents may have selected multiple options.