Table 2.

Descriptive Statistics for Care Team Expertise, Hemoglobin A1c Control, and Patients’ Experiences of Chronic Care (PACIC-11) in the Overall Sample and Compared between Small and Large Community Health Center (CHC) Sites, 2011 to 2012

VariablePercentage of Population, Mean (Standard Error)OverallSmall CHC SiteLarge CHC SiteP-Value
Overall team expertise, count0.88 (1.34)0.88 (1.39)0.87 (1.31).94
Interdisciplinary expertise on the primary care team, %
 Community health worker11.7%12.2%11.3%.65
 Diabetes educator21.0%22.1%20.3%.44
 Mental health provider5.2%4.5%5.7%.38
 Other staff24.3%28.7%21.6%.01*
Hemoglobin A1c control (<8.0%)75.0%75.8%74.6%.99
Patients’ experiences of chronic care (PACIC-11)51.2753.5349.90.02*
  • This comparison of means analyses utilizes χ2 tests for categorical variables and t-test for continuous variables to compare average values of main predictor variables for patients in small versus large community health center sites.

  • *P-values represent the significance of differences in individual characteristics between small versus large CHC sites.