Table 2.

List of Epic Report Display Fields

Display Field NameDescriptionFirst IterationSecond IterationThird Iteration
MRNPatient medical record number
StatusScheduling status: scheduled, cancelled, no show, arrived, completed, etc.
DateDate of colonoscopy
First NamePatient’s first name
Preferred NamePatient's preferred name
Last NamePatient’s last name
DOBDate of birth
Hispanic EthnicityYes/No answers
Preferred LanguagePreferred language
PhonePrimary phone number
HomeHome phone number
CellCell phone number
Patient Email AddressEmail address
Patient Address (Line 1)Patient address (line 1)*
Patient Address (Line 2)Patient address (line 2)*
ZIP CodeZIP code*
DepartmentDepartment at which the procedure will be performed
TypeType of colonoscopy procedure
Ordering ProviderOrdering provider
Attending ProviderAttending provider
Associated DiagnosisAssociated Dx in the order for colonoscopy
IndicationPhysician’s indication for the Dx in the order
Rectal BleedingPatient had rectal bleeding in the past 60 days
ASNAppointment serial number—A unique identifier for all appointments associated with a physician order. Used in combination with CSN to track appointment changes.
CSNContact serial number—A unique identifier for a new appointment. Used in combination with ASN to track appointment changes.
  • * Address was a single field in the first iteration. Subsequent iterations imported discrete fields.

  • The ICD-10 codes associated with rectal bleeding (K62.5, K92.1, and R19.5) were found in the encounter diagnoses from encounters that occurred in the past 60 days and grouped together to create a single variable, Rectal Bleeding. These were distinct from the ICD-10 codes criterion, which was designed to search the problem list.

  • In Epic, a unique Contact Serial Number (CSN) is generated for each new appointment that is made for an Order. The first CSN to be generated is designated as the Appointment Serial Number (ASN), which serves as the reference number connecting all subsequent appointment changes that occur for that Order.