Table 3.

Verification of Criteria from Three Distinct Retrospective Runs

Day 1Day 2Day 3
First Iteration*Age, Appointment Procedures, Appointment Status, and Encounter Department219225174
All Criteria minus Age267276215
All Criteria minus Appointment Procedures771807782
All Criteria minus Appointment Status270276228
All Criteria minus Encounter Department§§§§
All Criteria witd substitute Encounter Department000
Second IterationPatient Type261266218
Appointment Procedures415420431
ICD-10 Codes (Using Boolean Operator OR)415420431
ICD-10 Codes (Using Boolean Operator AND)336331348
Encounter Department657647703
Contact Type530544531
Appointment Made on Date151432
Third IterationContact Type211439
Date Range383061
  • * Compare against n in top row.

  • Each criterion is added sequentially. Compare against n of the immediately preceding criterion.

  • The second iteration began with the removal of Appointment Procedures. Therefore, values in this row serve as the baseline for the second iteration.

  • §The FIT Daily Report timed out due to restrictions in place from Epic Reporting Workbench and did not yield results. In this institution’s Epic system, reports must include at least the Providers or Encounter Department field or have a patient base selected to prevent timing out.

  • ‖These criteria are revised from the previous iteration.

  • See Appendix B for further details.