Table 3.

Unadjusted and Adjusted Models Comparing Change in Time to completion for Out-of-Visit Tasks Among Scribed and Nonscribed Providers Before and After Scribe Implementation

 Patient MessageN = 74,865ResultsN = 219,386Prescription RequestN = 178,160
Unadjusted models
Adjusted models*
Patient messageN = 73,443ResultsN = 214,708Prescription RequestN = 171,506
  • Period*scribed reflects the interaction between scribed status and period (pre to post implementation), isolating the impact of scribes after implementation compared to before implementation.

  • * Controlling for provider characteristics (gender, race, panel size, percent full time equivalent in clinical care), patient demographics (age, gender, race/ethnicity), and patient complexity (complex care management program enrollment and at least 1 inpatient admission).

  • SE, standard error.