Table 1.

Weighted Sample Characteristics of 6789 Participants in the 2017–2018 Health Information National Trends Survey 5, Cycles 1 and 2, US

n% WeightedLLUL
Age, years
 18 to 39124830.628.732.4
 40 to 59239142.340.544.1
 ≥ 60315027.126.927.4
Annual household income
 < $20,000125417.315.918.8
 $20,000 to $49,999182926.124.527.7
 $50,000 to $74,999123718.517.020.0
 ≥ $75000247038.136.239.9
 < High school5048.87.610.0
 High school graduate127922.621.423.8
 Vocational school, some college204036.435.337.6
 College graduate, postgraduate296732.231.932.4
Marital status
 Married, living as married359553.953.154.7
 Separated, widowed202415.915.116.6
Place of birth
 United States582685.584.486.5
 Foreign born96314.513.515.6
Speak English
 Very well604288.387.289.3
 Well, not well, not at all74711.710.712.8
Regular provider
Health insurance
General health
Census region
 Northeast census region106517.917.917.9
 Midwest census region124921.021.021.0
 South census region289337.637.637.6
 West census region158223.523.523.5
Rural/urban designation
  • LL, lower limit; UL, upper limit.

  • n = 6789; Imputed subjects have 20 records, thus imputed n is 1/20th of a subject rounded to the nearest integer.

  • * Asians, Pacific Islanders, and multiple races.