Table 3.

Mean Δ of Likelihood to Request Antibiotics Overall and by Category and Participant Characteristics

Statement Category
IndividualClose ContactAbout SocietyAbout ResistanceNot about ResistanceAll Statements
Total Sample (n = 250)−2.30−2.18−1.80−1.91−2.26−2.10
 Men (n = 64)−1.75−1.49−1.35−1.43−1.77−1.62
 Women (n = 184)−2.81−2.42−2.95−2.08−2.43−2.28
 HS graduate or less (n = 54)−1.90−1.63−1.15−1.33−1.72−1.60
 Any college or trade school up to bachelor’s degree (n = 140)−2.30−2.33−1.86−1.95−2.33−2.16
 Master’s degree or higher (n = 56)−2.65−2.34−2.25−2.38−2.50−2.45
 Black (n = 152)−1.97−1.94−1.51−1.56−2.01−1.81
 White (n = 69)−2.69−2.41−2.13−2.32−2.53−2.44
 Other (n = 29)−3.09−2.89−2.49−2.81−2.88−2.84
  • HS, high school.

  • A mean δ“−5” meant the statement made the patient much less likely to request antibiotics, “0” meant the statement did not change their likelihood, and “5” meant the statement made them much more likely to request antibiotics.