Table 1.

Characteristics of Primary Care Practice Sample, Heart of Virginia Healthcare, 2018 (n = 16)

Practice IDPractice Size (Number of Providers*)Practice Specialty MixMUAPCMHACOMedicare Payment Mix %Number of Participants per Focus-Group
Independent practice (8)
 I12 to 5Single specialtyYesNoNo102
 I22 to 5Single specialtyYesNoNo810
 I32 to 5Single specialtyYesNoYes206
 I42 to 5Single specialtyYesYesYes305
 I511 to 15Single specialtyYesYesYes165
 I66 to 10MultispecialtyNoNoYes83
 I711 to 15Single specialtyYesNoNo232
 I86 to 10Single specialtyYesNoNo257
Hospital-owned/health system (8)
 H12 to 5Single specialtyNoYesNo303
 H22 to 5Single specialtyNoYesYes358
 H32 to 5Single specialtyYesYesYes571
 H46 to 10Single specialtyNoYesYes304
 H52 to 5Single specialtyNoYesYes301
 H66 to 10Single specialtyYesYesYes336
 H72 to 5Single specialtyYesNoYes103
 H82 to 5MultispecialtyYesNoYes104
  • ACO, Accountable Care Organization; MUA, medically underserved area; PCMH, patient-centered medical home.

  • * Providers include MD, DO, Nurse Practitioner, and Physician Assistant.

  • Focus-group participants consist of physicians, nurse practitioners, office managers, nurses, and nonclinical staff.