Table 2.

Unadjusted and Adjusted Relationships Between Telomere Length (Base Pairs) and Covariates Among NHANES 1999–2002 Participants Aged 50–84 Years

VariablesUnadjustedAdjusted for Age, Age Squared, White Blood Cell Count
β CoefficientSEP-Valueβ CoefficientSEP-Value
Usual source of care
Age (years)−13.81.4<.001NA
WBC count (millions/µL)−
 Non-Hispanic Whiterefref
 Non-Hispanic Black117.548.2.02181.346.4.091
 Mexican American and Hispanic25.985.6.764−5.980.5.942
 Other races62.588.3.4848.882.9.916
Education level
 Less than high schoolrefref
 High school71.930.6.02661.929.2.042
 Some college54.934.1.11815.131.6.636
 College and above135.531.0<.00170.630.5.028
Covered by health insurance
CVD history
Emphysema history
High blood pressure
Smoking status
 Current smoker−−58.534.5.101
 Former smoker1.2029.6.968−3.528.7.903
 Never smokedrefRef
Physically inactivity
  • CVD, cardiovascular disease; WBC, white blood cell; NHANES, National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey; SE, standard error.

  • Linear regression was used to calculate β coefficients, standard errors, and P-values.