Table 1.

List of IAM Questions and Items of Interest in This Study

DomainQuestion Sub-Item of Interest
Q1: What is the impact of this information on you or your practice?
  • o. I disagree with the content of this information

  • o. This information is potentially harmful

Q3: Will you use this information for a specific patient?If YES, then:
  • o. As a result of this information I will manage this patient differently

  • o. I had several options for this patient, and I will use this information to justify a choice

  • o. I thought I knew what to do, and I used this information to be more certain about the management of this patient

  • o. I used this information to better understand a particular issue related to this patient

  • o. I will use this information in a discussion with this patient, or with other health professionals about this patient

  • o. I will use this information to persuade this patient, or to persuade other health professionals to make a change for this patient.

Q4: For this patient, do you expect any health benefits as a result of applying this information?If YES, then:
  • o. This information will help to avoid unnecessary or inappropriate treatment, diagnostic procedures, preventative interventions or a referral, for this patient

  • IAM, Information Assessment Method.