Table 5.

MACRA Awareness and Steps Taken with MACRA by the Accountable Care Organization Practices - Heart of Virginia Healthcare, 2018 (n = 16)

ACO Practices[I7]: “Well, we’re done with this year. You know, [the MACRA reporting] deadline is passed.”
[I3]: “We are a Track I ACO, so we will be reporting as MIPS, and then we have to report separately advancing care initiatives. So, last year we reported through the ACO, because that was their first reporting year. We will be reporting again through the ACO.”
[H4]: We already track that [quality measures related to MACRA], yes that comes from the corporate. We’re an ACO, [larger organization] is an ACO so that’s being, yes [to receiving support].”
[I5]: “We’re working with our ACO to help us through the Next Gen process. But we’ve been able to adapt pretty quickly and develop good workflows around the other [MACRA related quality] measures.”
[I4]: “Starting early [for ACO practices] with the realization that things were going to be different and be ready for change, whether we try to resist.”
Analytic ThemesPractices part of an Accountable Care Organization are more proactive.
  • n = 16 (I, independent practice = 8; H, hospital-owned practice = 8).

  • MACRA, Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act; ACO accountable care organization.