Table 2.

Distribution of Practitioner Characteristics, by Whether the Practitioner Earned Any Continuing Education Credits and Whether the Practitioner Coauthored Any Presentation or Publication; National Dental Practice–Based Research Network, April 2012 through December 2018

Practitioner CharacteristicsAll (n = 4361)Continuing Education (CE)Any Type Publication (n = 159)
Orientation Only (n = 811)≥ 1 CE (n = 1775)P
N*%NRow %NRow %NRow %P
Age at network enrollment<.001.026
    <35 years59114%10518%20535%173%
    35–44 years95122%17518%36338%263%
    45–54 years96822%16417%41843%485%
    55–64 years129830%25720%57144%554%
    65+ years49111%10121%20341%133%
Year graduated dental school<.001<.001
    Before 198091521%21524%41445%273%
    2010 or later3478%4312%8023%62%
General dentist/specialist<.001.002
    General dentist322774%63520%140243%1354%
Practice type.2.01
    Owner, private291768%56119%120741%933%
    Associate, private59514%10618%22738%234%
    Public, Community Health1794%3218%7542%84%
    Academic, other41210%7017%15738%164%
Network region<.001.049
    South Central77018%21228%44157%314%
    South Atlantic55413%13725%26247%204%
  • HP, HealthPartners Dental; PDA, Permanente Dental Associates.

  • * Numbers not summing to column N within characteristic due to missing values.

  • Column percents, not summing to 100 due to rounding.

  • Row percents, viz., percent received CE amount, or co-authored publication within practitioner characteristic.

  • § Races are non-Hispanic.

  • Academic n = 301, Federal n = 70, other n = 41.