Table 3.

Barriers to Practice Facilitation and Quality Improvement Intervention (Source: Practice Facilitators' Notes)

DomainBarriersN (%)
Practice-related barriersLack of time and staff378 (44.37)
EHR-related issues136 (15.96)
Lack of buy-in/engagement133 (15.61)
Other*59 (6.92)
Staff turnover51 (5.99)
Workflow issues29 (3.40)
Implementation-related barriersTechnical issues37 (4.34)
Lack of guidelines12 (1.41)
Lack of reimbursement8 (0.94)
Lack of language diversity of intervention materials9 (1.06)
  • * Examples include low resources, lack of investment, clinic construction, patient issues, and logistic issues.

  • EHR, electronic health record.