Table 2.

Comparison of Support Activities Offered to Control and Intervention Practices

Support ActivityReceived by Control PracticeReceived by Intervention Practice
Identification of practice championsX*X
Support identifying T2DM patient populationXX
Kick off 3-hour educational meeting/champion meetingXX
Basic instruction regarding creation and use of registriesXX
Demonstration of potential software options for registry useXX
Provision of updated ADA guidelines for T2DM careXX
Tool to facilitate practice self-assessment for registry adoptionXX
Document describing 8 milestones for registry adoptionXX
Interim champion meeting 15 months after kick offXX
Connection to area clinician peer mentor (in person and via phone)X
Access to area clinician informaticist for additional supportX
  • * X, activity offered.

  • ADA, American Diabetes Association; T2DM, type 2 diabetes mellitus.

  • Bold indicates support activities only provided to intervention practices.