Table 1.

Demographic Information of 101 Frontline Clinicians, Administrators, and Staff*

Profession, n (% of sample)
    Administration or management37 (36.6)
    Care coordinator/navigator9 (8.9)
    Medical assistant11 (10.9)
    Nurse8 (7.9)
    Physician25 (24.8)
    Other (dental staff, pharmacist, physician assistant, and social worker)11 (10.9)
Sex, n (% of sample)
    Female78 (77)
    Male23 (23)
Median number of years working at practice (range)4 years (1 month – 29 years)
  • * Participants were from 10 patient-centered medical homes who took part in individual interviews conducted between May 2017 and May 2018 on patient safety in primary care.

  • Respondents who held more than one role (ie, administration and clinical) were classified by their clinical profession in this table.