Appendix B.

Codebook for Qualitative Analysis

1–Practice-related barriers
1-1Lack of time/staffScheduling issues
  • Providers/Staff were busy/on vacation/personal issues (e.g., family emergency)

  • Competing demands/priorities Limited time for QI activities Lack of staff/staff burnout

1-2Lack of buy-in/engagementProviders negative attitudes/belief
Lack of engagement/leader support/interest
1-3EHR-related issuesEHR update/change
Outdated EHR/data infrastructure
Facilitators had no access to EHR
1-4OtherLow resources
Lack of investment
Patient issue
Clinic construction
Logistic issues
1-5Staff turnoverStaff turnover
1-6Workflow issuesClinical workflow
Teamwork/Collaboration issues
Communication inefficiency
2–Implementation-related barriers
2-1Technical issuesDelays in data extraction/access
Lack of proper document, such as BAA
2-2Lack of guidelinesLack of guidance on EHR documentation
Insufficient guidelines on data extraction
2 to 3Lack of reimbursementLack of reimbursement
2 to 4Lack of language diversity of intervention materialsMost intervention materials are in English
  • EHR, electronic health record; BAA, business associate agreement.