Table 1.

Sources of Continuing Education for Dentists: National Dental Practice–Based Research Network, April 2012 through December 2018

Any Study Training
Studies for which the practitioner received trainingN(n = 798)
    Cracked tooth registry (CTR)24230%
    Factors in successful crowns17922%
    Management of dentin hypersensitivity (MDH)16521%
    Management of painful temporomandibular disorders (TMD)14919%
    Predicting outcomes of root canal treatment (PREDICT)12716%
    Suspicious occlusal caries lesions (SOCL)10012%
    Anterior openbite malocclusions in adults (AOB)9712%
    Quit advisor DDS749%
    Risk of oral cancer study (ROCS)385%
Any video
Video topicN(n = 1757)
    International oral health conference24814%
    Human subjects protection16910%
    ROCS study results1207%
    PREDICT study results644%
    Opioid prescribing study results6<1%
    Knowledge networks study results5<1%
Any webinar
Webinar topics: study results forN(n = 170)
    Opioid prescribing6739%
    Factors in successful crowns3521%
    Knowledge networks2615%
Any network
Network symposium attendances (Number)N(n = 226)
    3 or more2812%
Any regional
network meeting
Network meeting attendances (Number)N(n = 993)
    6 or more222%