Table 1.

Characteristics of the OCHIN PBRN, Serving as the BRIDGE-C2 Center Implementation Laboratory

Total number of practices672
Rural practices75
Patients seen ever9,274,050
Patients seen in 20191,394,488
Practice type/services provided*
    Primary care/FQHC/FQHC look-alike541
    School-based health center118
    Behavioral health314
Total providers3,720
Provider training
    Physicians (MD/DO)2,214
    Nurse practitioners1,144
    Certified nurse midwives70
    Physician's assistants292
  • FQHC, Federally-Qualified Health Center; BRIDGE-C2, Building Research in Implementation and Dissemination to close Gaps and achieve Equity in Cancer Control.

  • * If a practice site provides more than one type of service it is counted in each category.