Table 5.

Multiple Regression Models Relating Practitioner Characteristics to Whether the Practitioner Earned Any Continuing Education Credits or Whether the Practitioner Coauthored Any Publication or Presentation

Bivariate*Full ModelFinal/Reduced Model
Odds RatioPOdds RatioPOdds Ratio95% CIP
Orientation only vs no CE
    Male vs female1.5<.0011.2.07X§XX
    White/Black/Hispanic vs Asian/other1.8<.0011.2.08XXX
    Year graduated dental school (per 10 years)0.80<.0010.86<.0010.830.78–0.89<.001
    General versus specialist1.8<.0011.9<.0011.91.5–2.3<.001
    Western versus other regions0.20<.0010.21<.0010.210.15–0.28<.001
≥1 CE vs no CE (orientation only excluded)
    Male vs female1.4<.0011.–1.4.02
    White/Black/Hispanic vs Asian/other1.7<.0011.3.0081.31.1–1.6.008
    Year graduated dental school (per 10 years)0.78<.0010.66<.0010.660.60–0.72<.001
    General versus specialist1.9<.0012.0<.0012.01.7–2.3<.001
    Western versus other regions0.33<.0010.36<.0010.360.30–0.43<.001
≥1 CE vs only orientation
    Year graduated dental school (U shaped)Cat.048Cat.02Cat<.001
    Western versus other regions1.7.0021.7.0021.71.2–2.3.002
    Graduated dental school before 20002.0<.0012.0.0022.31.5–3.5<.001
    General practitioner2.0.0022.2.0012.11.3–3.4.002
    Southwest or Northeast region0.61.0060.68.040.670.46–0.96.03
  • HP, HealthPartners Dental; PDA, Permanente Dental Associates; CI, confidence interval; Cat, Categorical.

  • * Only characteristics associated with outcome (CE or coauthored publication or presentation) at P < .10 are listed.

  • All characteristics in bivariate analysis with P < .10 entered.

  • Only characteristics with P < .05 retained.

  • § X denotes P > .05 not retained.