Table 1.

Causes of Death in 1952 and 2017*

Cause of deathDeath Rate per 100,000Cause of deathDeath Rate per 100,000
Diseases of the heart250.8Cancer157.1
Vascular lesions affecting CNS98.0Heart disease156.5
Malignant neoplasms79.6Accidents (except motor vehicle)56.3
Influenza and pneumonia31.3Motor vehicle accidents15
All accidents (except motor vehicle)30.4Chronic lower respiratory diseases45
Motor vehicle accidents27.7Stroke43
Immaturity22.1Alzheimer’s disease37.3
Nephritis and nephrosis17.1Diabetes24.5
Tuberculosis15.3Pneumonia and influenza17.5
Diseases of arteries13.8Chronic kidney disease17.0
  • CNS, central nervous system.

  • * See references 6 and 7.

  • State center for health statistics.