Table 2.

Associations between Opioid Use and Self-Reported Driving Outcomes

Any Opioid Use (n = 169)No Opioid Use (n = 2821)Unadjusted ORPartially Adjusted ORFully Adjusted OR*
n%n%OR95% CIAOR95% CIAOR95% CI
Self-regulated driving reduction
    Yes1911.21515.42.211.33, 3.662.381.42, 3.990.99adg0.55, 1.80
Any crash or police action in past year
    Yes4828.464023.01.310.94, 1.871.340.93, 1.911.25bcg0.86, 1.83
  • AOR, adjusted odds ratio; OR, odds ratio; CI, confidence interval.

  • * In addition to age, gender, race and ethnicity, models may be adjusted for atotal household income, bhighest level of education, cemergency department visit in the past year; dhospital visit in the past year, ealcohol use in the past 3 months, fhad 4 or more drinks on 1 occasion in the past 3 months, gphysical function.