Table 4.

Logistic Regression Models for Odds of Delaying Medical Needed Medical Care or Prescription Drugs in the Past 12 Months, by Reason for Discrimination (n = 63,100)

Delayed or Did Not Get Needed Prescriptions in Past 12 MonthsDelayed or Did Not Get Needed Medical Care in Past 12 Months
Reason for Discrimination
    Dissatisfaction with the health care system1.66(1.28, 2.15)1.79(1.38, 2.33)
    Race or skin color1.69(1.17, 2.46)1.13(0.80, 1.59)
    Age1.30(0.87, 1.96)1.41(1.00, 1.99)
    Way respondent speaks English or other barrier to communication1.06(0.56, 1.84)1.97(1.33, 2.92)
    Insurance status or type0.92(0.61, 1.39)1.61(1.11, 2.35)
    Income or education1.35(0.83, 2.20)1.61(0.96, 2.71)
    Any reason1.75(1.48, 2.07)2.04(1.70, 2.44)
  • Significant associations denoted in bold, at P < .05.

  • AOR, adjusted odds ratio.

  • 95%CI = 95% confidence interval.

  • All models control for race, citizenship status, gender, educational attainment, age, household income, health status, diagnosis of chronic conditions, visual or hearing problem or impairment, survey year, and urban or rural residence.

  • Each row in the table represents a separate model.