Table 1.

Sample Characteristics, Adult California Health Interview Survey, 2015–2017 (n = 63,100)

Perceived discrimination in health care
Main reason for discrimination in health care
    Did not experience discrimination44,61971.480.6
    Dissatisfaction with the health care system4,4765.630.3
    Race or skin color2,7095.230.25
    Way respondent speaks English or other barrier to communication1,3583.190.18
    Insurance status or type1,3082.070.14
    Income or education9911.520.12
Type of insurance coverage
    Employer-sponsored coverage20,646420.58
    Private coverage, Covered California1,7263.080.18
    Private coverage, off-exchange2,0283.880.25
    Medicare and Medicaid5,4645.50.17
    Medicare alone or with other insurance18,39213.460.23
    Other public sponsored coverage7611.40.12
Delayed or didn't get needed prescription in past 12 months
Delayed or didn't get needed medical care in past 12 months
Site of usual source of care
    Doctor's office or HMO38,85154.950.46
    No usual source of care6,80915.240.34
    Clinic or health center15,87826.990.41
    Emergency room9091.790.17
    Other or no one place6531.020.11
Citizenship status
    US-born citizen48,55166.690.43
    Naturalized citizen8,68817.590.34
Limited English proficiency
Educational attainment
    Less than bachelor's degree37,16861.920.38
    Bachelor's degree or above25,93238.080.38
Age, y
Household income (as % of FPL)
     0–138% of FPL15,16926.60.57
    139–249% of FPL10,82217.260.37
     250–399% of FPL10,06716.130.42
    400% of FPL and higher27,042400.04
Urban or rural residence
Health status
    Excellent, very good, or good49,20577.910.44
    Fair or poor13,89522.090.44
Visual or hearing problem or impairment
Chronic condition
Survey year
  • FPL, Federal poverty level; SE, standard error; HMO, health maintenance organization.

  • All frequencies and standard errors are weighted. Sample sizes are unweighted.