Appendix 1:

Medline Search Strategy

1narcotics/ or analgesics, opioid/ or alfentanil/ or alphaprodine/ or buprenorphine/ or buprenorphine, naloxone drug combination/ or butorphanol/ or codeine/ or dextromoramide/ or dextropropoxyphene/ or dihydromorphine/ or diphenoxylate/ or “enkephalin, ala2-mephe4-gly5-"/ or “enkephalin, d-penicillamine2,5-"/ or ethylketocyclazocine/ or ethylmorphine/ or etorphine/ or fentanyl/ or heroin/ or hydrocodone/ or hydromorphone/ or levorphanol/ or meperidine/ or meptazinol/ or methadone/ or methadyl acetate/ or morphine/ or nalbuphine/ or opiate alkaloids/ or oxycodone/ or oxymorphone/ or pentazocine/ or phenazocine/ or phenoperidine/ or pirinitramide/ or promedol/ or sufentanil/ or tilidine/ or tramadol/
2(analgesic* or opioid* or opiate* or narcotic* or alfentanil or alphaprodine or buprenorphine or (buprenorphine adj2 naloxone) or suboxone or subutex or butorphanol or codeine or dihydrocodeine or dextromoramide or dextropropoxyphene or dihydromorphine or diphenoxylate or ethylketocyclazocine or ethylmorphine or etorphine or fentanyl or duragesic or hydrocodone or hydromorphone or levorphanol or meperidine or meptazinol or methadone or methadyl acetate or morphine or nalbuphine or oxycodone or oxymorphone or pentazocine or phenazocine or phenoperidine or pirinitramide or promedol or sufentanil or tilidine or tramadol or dilaudid or OPANA or targin or tapendatol or nalbuphine or trama*).kf,tw.
31 or 2
4hospital information systems/ or ambulatory care information systems/ or medical order entry systems/ or point-of-care systems/
5Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs/
6medical informatics/ or health information exchange/ or medical informatics applications/ or decision making, computer-assisted/ or diagnosis, computer-assisted/ or therapy, computer-assisted/ or drug therapy, computer-assisted/ or decision support techniques/ or “information storage and retrieval"/ or data mining/ or health information interoperability/ or information systems/ or community networks/ or decision support systems, clinical/ or health information systems/ or integrated advanced information management systems/ or management information systems/ or clinical pharmacy information systems/ or database management systems/ or decision support systems, management/ or medical order entry systems/ or reminder systems/ or medical informatics computing/ or nursing informatics/
7microcomputers/ or computers, handheld/or smartphone/
8prescription drug misuse/or prescription drug overuse/
9"Drug and Narcotic Control"/mt, og, pc, sn, td [Methods, Organization & Administration, Prevention & Control, Statistics & Numerical Data, Trends]
10Drug Monitoring/mt, sn [Methods, Statistics & Numerical Data]
114 or 5 or 6 or 7 or 8 or 9 or 10
12((health* or clinical or medic*) adj3 informatic*).kw, tw.
13((electronic* or computer*) adj3 order entr*).kw, tw.
14((phone* or cellphone* or smartphone* or handheld) adj4 (app$1 or application*)).kw, tw.
15((decision* or reminder* or point of care or point-of-care or alert*) adj3 (tool* or system* or electronic* or computer-assisted)).kw, tw.
16(PDMP or PDMPs).kw, tw.
17(PMP or PMPs).kw, tw.
18((prescri* or drug* or narcotic*) adj3 monitor*).tw, kw.
1912 or 13 or 14 or 15 or 16 or 17 or 18
2011 or 19
213 and 20
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