Table 1.

Distribution of Health Care Professional Groups and Burnout (n = 1273)

ParameterSample, n (%)Burnout
No, n (%)Yes, n (%)P Value*OR (95% CI) Burnout
Burnout total1024 (80.1)249 (19.5)
Health Care Professionals0.002
Physicians139 (11.0)93 (68.4)43 (31.6)1.75 (1.09-2.82)
Advanced practice clinicians99 (7.8)82 (82.8)17 (17.2)1.01 (0.54-1.88)
Clinical support staff§451 (35.6)365 (81.1)85 (18.9)1.29 (0.87-1.91)
Administrative staff578 (45.6)477 (82.5)101 (17.5)Reference
  • * The P value is based on χ2 analysis testing the association between burnout and the type of health care professional.

  • OR stands for odds ratios calculated from a logistic regression model that has been adjusted for practice size, single- or multispecialty practice, whether a practice is located in an underserved area, and number of hours worked per week

  • Advanced practice clinicians include nurse practitioners and physician assistants.

  • § Clinical support staff includes licensed practical nurses and medical assistants.

  • Administrative staff includes office managers, receptionists, and medical billing professionals.

  • Bold text indicates statistically significant finding.

  • OR, odds ratio; CI, confidence interval.