Table 1.

Survey Assessing the Negative Impressions That Physicians Might Have of Fibromyalgia Patients*

Item NumberSurvey Statement
1Fibromyalgia patients have difficulty specifying their symptoms
2Fibromyalgia patients exaggerate their symptoms
3Fibromyalgia patients do not comply with therapeutic prescriptions
4Fibromyalgia patients have had some negative experience with health professionals
5Fibromyalgia patients have little initiative
6Fibromyalgia patients do not assume their share of the responsibilities in their treatment
7Fibromyalgia patients are never happy
8Fibromyalgia patients consume more time of health care professionals
9Fibromyalgia patients consume more medications
10Fibromyalgia patients rely more on the internet than on health care professionals
11Fibromyalgia patients always ask for more information about their disease
12Fibromyalgia patients feel more frustrated by their illness
13Fibromyalgia patients are excessively dramatic
  • * Measured by 4-point Likert scales ranging from absolutely agree to absolutely disagree. Original in Spanish.