Table 2.

Personal Steps Taken to Address Burnout by Gender

Personal Steps TakenFemale (n = 1252)Male (n = 899)False Discovery Rate P Value
Started/maintained a regular exercise or mindfulness regimen66653.248754.2.9016
Reduced my overall work hours or went part time53843.027630.7<.0001
Employed a housekeeper and/or nanny/babysitter43734.913715.2<.0001
Reduced my clinical work hours specifically37429.925228.0.5898
Spent more time on hobbies36729.332836.5.0028
Talked to a professional therapist/counselor28522.812714.1<.0001
Took time off/leave of absence26220.919321.5.9016
Delegated job responsibilities24319.420122.4.2620
Gave up job responsibilities22317.819922.1.0531
Took on significant new job responsibilities which I enjoy22117.715817.6.9633
Participated in formal wellness program13410.7798.8.3237
Joined a support group594.7242.7.0545