Table 5.

Validation of the Social Determinants of Health Level of Need Index Using Multiple Linear Regression

PredictorsPrevalence of Hepatitis C InfectionP Value*
B (SE B)
Intercept0.0067 (0.0018)<0.001
Individuals with less than a high school education−0.00099 (0.0064)0.87
Households with no/limited English−0.024 (0.0074)0.001
Single-parent households−0.0074 (0.0041)0.07
Low access to food sources−0.000081 (0.00056)0.88
Median household income−0.00000035 (0.00000019)0.009
Individuals living below the federal poverty Line0.014 (0.0054)0.009
Unemployed individuals0.0023 (0.0084)0.79
Uninsured individuals0.0078 (0.0056)0.16
Households living in rental housing−0.0025 (0.0018)0.17
Households paying >30% of income for rent−0.0082 (0.0044)0.06
Households without transportation0.036 (0.0056)<0.001
Crowded households (>1 person per room)−0.0078 (0.013)0.60
  • * P values in bold are significant.

  • B, Coefficient Estimate; SE B, Coefficient – Standard Error; R2, Multiple R-Squared.