Table 3.

Japanese Orthopaedic Association Scale for Cervical Myelopathy Evaluation (0 to 17 Points)

Evaluation DescriptionPoint
Motor function of upper limbs
 Unable to eat with cutlery or to button shirt0
 Unable to eat with a spoon, but able to move hands1
 Able to button shirt with great difficulty2
 Able to button shirt with slight difficulty3
 No dysfunction4
Motor dysfunction score of the lower extremity
 Complete loss of motor and sensory function0
 Sensory preservation without ability to move legs1
 Able to move legs, but unable to walk2
 Able to walk on flat floor with a walking aid3
 Able to walk up and/or down stairs with hand rail4
 Moderate-to-significant lack of stability, but able to walk up and/or down without hand rail5
 Mild lack of stability but walks with smooth reciprocation unaided6
 No dysfunction7
Sensory dysfunction score of the upper extremities
 Complete loss of motor and sensory function0
 Severe sensory loss of pain1
 Mild sensory loss2
 No sensory loss3
Sphincter dysfunction score
 Unable to micturate voluntarily0
 Marked difficulty with micturition1
 Mild to moderate difficulty with micturition2
 Normal micturition3