Table 3.

Patient Post-Intervention and 6-Week Survey

Survey QuestionsStrongly AgreeAgreeNeutralDisagreeStrongly Disagree
Initial post-encounter patient survey (n = 50)
 My doctor and I made a decision together about how to treat my prediabetes during my visit60%32%6%2%
 I had an important role in the decision-making process66%28%6%
 The shared decision-making tool prepared me to make a decision about my prediabetes prevention plan48%48%4%
 The shared decision-making tool helped me think about the pros and cons of each option to prevent diabetes56%44%
 The shared decision-making tool helped me think about which pros and cons are most important to me57%43%
6-week post-encounter patient survey (n = 30)
 I have been following the diabetes prevention plan most days13%70%10%7%
 My plan reflects what my doctor and I discussed27%60%7%7%
 I am considering changing my diabetes prevention plan7%20%23%30%20%