Table 2.

Questions about Patient-Provider Interactions from the National Survey of Health Information and Communication, 2017 (N = 1,744)

Question or StatementWeighted Percentage of Answer
Very UnlikelySomewhat UnlikelyNeither Likely Nor UnlikelySomewhat LikelyVery Likely
If you saw or heard an ad for a drug that treats a medical condition that was bothering you, how likely would you be to talk to your health care provider about the drug?
If a health care provider refused to prescribe a brand name drug you asked for, how likely would you be to look for a different health care provider?33.415.427.918.05.3
Disagree stronglyDisagree somewhatNeither agree nor disagreeAgree somewhatAgree strongly
Ads for prescription drugs help me have better discussions with my health care provider about my health.15.512.
Ads for prescription drugs make it seem like a doctor is not needed to decide whether a drug is right for me.