Table 3.

Practice Facilitator Toolkit Components by Cooperative

Co-op 1Co-op 2Co-op 3Co-op 4Co-op 5Co-op 6Co-op 7
Clinical Tools
Materials focused on promotion of aspirin in high-risk individuals, blood pressure control, cholesterol management, and smoking cessation (ABCS) best practices and directed explicitly at ABCS change
Organizational Tools
Materials focused on the promotion of improvement of practice capacity for change and comprehensive quality improvement of the practice
Patient Education Materials
Patient resources to help with ABCS promotion (eg, patient handouts and posters)
Facilitation Instructions or Guides
Materials on how to perform practice facilitation, including examples of QI tools (eg, diagrams, agendas, and checklists)
Assessment and Goal-setting Materials
Materials used to assess practices in order to identify opportunities for improvement (excluding dashboards)
Health Information Technology Tools
Materials generated from the EHR or other electronic databases to assist in quality improvement feedback (eg, reports, dashboards)
Practice Change Model
Materials and PF work are grounded in a theory of change.
  • EHR, electronic health record; PF, practice facilitator; QI, quality improvement.