Table 4.

Cost Impact Analysis (Payor Perspective, Medicare Rate)

 FM (Model 2)IM (Model 3)
Number of visits in 2018778,410575,181
Estimated preintervention order rate5.139.88
Estimated postintervention order rate2.737.98
Impact on annualized vitamin D test orders
Estimated orders if no intervention39,93256,828
Estimated orders with the intervention21,25145,899
Estimated orders prevented thanks to the intervention−18,682−10,928
Impact on total cost of care
Medicare payment per vitamin D test$35.82$35.82
Cost savings−$669,183.51−$391,456.68
Total cost savings from prevented vitamin D test orders−$1,060,640.19
  • FM, family medicine; IM, internal medicine.