Table 2.

Symptoms and Physical Exam Findings Commonly Seen in Patients with Cervical Spondylotic Myelopathy

Upper Extremity FindingsLower Extremity FindingsAdditional Findings
*Decreased hand dexterity*Impairment of gait and/or fallsLhermitte’s phenomenon
Lower motor neuron signs (muscle weakness, atrophy, fasciculation, hyporeflexia, hypotonia)Upper motor neuron signs (weakness, hyperreflexia, hypertonia)Incontinence
Change in pain, temperature, proprioception, dermatomal sensationChange in pain, temperature, proprioception, dermatomal sensationNeck pain
Motor deficitsMotor deficits
Thenar atrophyBabinski reflex
Hoffman signRomberg test
Inverted radial reflexSustained foot clonus
Finger escape sign
Grip and release test
Hyperactive pectoralis reflex
  • * Most frequently found upon initial presentation.